The Ocean Action Learning Principle

Findings from brain research and motivation theory according to Prof. Kuhl

Highly effective and sustainable learning on board of sail training ships for team and leadership development.

On a sailing ship at sea, thoughtful action must be taken at all times to ensure that the crew reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Sometimes only a few act, often everyone has to pitch in.

It takes many years of experience in adult education to turn this challenge into a learning process on board. Afterwards, participants are more confident, keep an overview, decide clearly and well in crises and can optimally motivate their staff and colleagues.

OAL supports the successful transfer of your off-shore experiences into everyday business through a unique and customisable mix of methods. The methods used are tried and tested and are complemented by the latest results of motivation research. The integral work achieves amazing progress in the personality development of the participants.

Ocean Action Learning promotes intuition through movement

Brain researchers have found that creativity, intuition and feelings are controlled in the same part of the brain as our automated movement processes. This includes running, cycling, skiing, riding, swimming and other learned and unconsciously controlled movement sequences.

Everyone who sits quietly at a desk looking for an idea knows this experience. When you stand up and walk up and down, an idea suddenly presents itself that previously did not want to show itself while sitting.

This effect is explained by the increased brain activity in the area of action and movement control. This energy boost then also energises the areas of the brain responsible for feelings, creativity and intuition.

The permanent ship movements have a stimulating effect on the brain and increase intuition, intensity of experience, decisiveness and thus bring about lasting changes.


Seven steps into the future with OAL
Change and sustainable learning are based on relevant and feasible challenges.

  1. With OAL we create a controllable environment for experiential learning that reflects personal challenges, company decisions or team dilemmas.
  2. Based on group dynamics and systemic know-how, OAL works in family-like groups of 5 to 15 people for holistic development.
  3. Through movement at sea, OAL creates a multi-sensory experience in a safe environment, neurologically stimulates brain activity and promotes intuition and creativity.
  4. Mutual support and ongoing mindfulness develop agility and resilience as well as positive and desired behavioural preferences.
  5. In a demanding environment, OAL gives time and space to live through and reflect on complex psychological and sociological situations.
  6. Consequences of complex decisions are experienced directly and sensitivity for complex interrelationships is sharpened.
  7. The challenges and experiences mastered with OAL can be sustainably integrated into everyday life through systemic methods and a holistic approach.


Ocean Action Learning is an investment in your most valuable resource - yourself!