The sea moves

Ocean Action Learning Method

Versatile experiential learning opportunities on ships for coaching, team training and strategy development.

Ocean Action Learning-Prinzip

Ocean Action Learning Principle

Findings from brain research and motivation theory by Prof. Kuhl are incorporated into experiential learning.

Coaching – virtual and life

From our office on the boat we coach virtually via video call, telephone and very gladly live. If desired, also on solid ground.

Subtle Energies

Our perception of the world is often limited. Discover subtle life energies with energy coaching.

Dilemma Management

Permanently decisions to contradictory questions have to be made and responsibility has to be taken.

All Hands: Installieren des Außenborders bei der Hafeneinfahrt nach La Coruña

United we are better

Mindful interaction allows us to grow beyond ourselves. We experience the synergy of shared power.