Motorbike on Board

Totally driven! A BMW Enduro expands our possibilities

For the logistics on land, you could also rent a car or move your own from home?
Or find a completely different, easier solution: A motorbike!
We have now been on the road with it for a season and have gained some experience.

A BMW Enduro as a “land dinghy”


The first time we hibernated in Portimao, we took our Chrysler south, 3000 km in 32 hours. But in 2020/21 in Corona times with winter storms and lockdown we had no chance to get the van from Hamburg. Above that, we needed a light, efficient vehicle with which we could use dirt roads and ignore borders even in “emergency situations”. As old bikers, we decided on a BMW 1200 GS LC Adventure. The virtual purchase at a German dealer on the Ems, the registration in Hamburg and the delivery as freight to Portugal was a successful adventure of its own….

In the meantime, we enjoy the independent travel possibilities with the motorbike on board and have tested the previously weighed advantages and disadvantages in practice.


  • Cheap and fast means of transport on land (petrol prices!)
  • Exciting excursion possibility to explore unknown countries
  • A new feeling of freedom for once – quite different from sailing
  • Practical: transport of large purchases
  • Uncomplicated pick-up of visitors
  • Amazing how quickly you make new acquaintances!
  • Surprising and cool look of the cockpit
  • Can also be done without an onboard crane


  • The ship sits 2 cm deeper in the water and becomes approx. 1-2 knots slower, this must be taken into account.
  • There is less space in the cockpit – no problem with a small crew.
  • The load capacity is reduced by 250 kg.
  • There are no self-service cranes in the Mediterranean as there are in Northern Europe where the boats all leave the water in winter.
  • Crane service has to be organised and paid for on shore (20€-100€).

The most important thing is the right port crane