Technical Experts

Do it yourself with expert support

With the help of shipyards and experienced craftsmen, we technically modernised the ship and converted it into an Explorer catamaran.

Our arguments for doing it yourself   

  • By doing it ourselves, we get to know our boat down to the last detail.
  • In case of problems we are quickly ready to sail again
  • We understand the function and the interrelationship of the often complex systems.
  • We know which important spare parts are needed on board – hopefully 😉
  • We recognise errors caused by experts, can take countermeasures and, above all, say exactly what we want.
  • For shipyard work, we take over the project management and can speed up the completion.
  • When we do it ourselves, we know when it is good and works!
  • … and we save a lot of money!

We can recommend the following experts.:

dd Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Rene Dommenget
An´n Slagboom4
22848 Norderstedt
  • Windows on-board computer for Mastervolt system software and TimeZero navigation software incl. remote maintenance
  • Raymarine network, plotter and radar as well as antenna systems (shortwave, VHF, Glomex WLAN)
  • Mastervolt system with LiPo batteries, new Mastervolt alternators on the engines, professional cabling for later electric propulsion (in planning), charging management, remote maintenance Mastervolt systems
  • Integration of the solar and wind power systems, charging management of the regenerative systems

Sophisticated yacht service for all modern electrical and electronic systems on board.
Delivery and excellent advice on installation
Subsequent support and remote maintenance of the systems worldwide.


NMH North Marine Handels GmbH
Papenreye 61,
D 22453 Hamburg
Tel: +49(0)40 368 503 06
  • Modular 220 V watermaker system based on the principle of reverse osmosis (also available in 12/24V as well as large systems)
  • With high pressure pump and feed pump
  • Complete filter systems incl. spare parts/replacement filters
  • All pipes and fittings includes
  • Advice on installation and intelligent problem solving
  • Fast worldwide delivery of spare parts

MSM PowerWinch GmbH & Co. KG

David Jokisch
Office: Lüffringhausen 8, D-42929 Wermelskirchen
Production: Brunsbach 4, D-42499 Hückeswagen
  • Maintenance-free, electric power winch MSM 47 with internal motor and a pulling force of 1.8 t
  • Integrated control knob in the stern bench or by remote control
  • Manufacture of first-class electric winches for original equipment or refitting with the unique fully integrated drive without space requirement below deck.
  • Consultation and individual solutions
  • Fast worldwide spare parts delivery


We have had good experiences with the following shipyards – their own expertise helps with communication and project management.
Of course, there are always critical points to overcome, which you also have to address openly, because you depend on working technology at sea!

Rhebergen Amsterdam-Noord

Scheepsbouwkade 3a NDSM-plein, Theo Fransmanbrug,
1033 WM Amsterdam, Netherlands
+++ Specialised in catamarans
+++ Very good crane work
+++ Fast, friendly service
+++ Good Lombardini engine service

Work in March 2018:

  • Crane work
  • Replacement of old sea valves
  • Renewal of shrouds and forestay on rotating mast
  • Renewal of water stays for jib boom and anchor fitting
  • Replacement of the saildrive rubber sleeves on the hull and replacement of the shaft bearings incl. sealing
  • Sealing of the rudder fittings
  • Glass fibre/epoxy repair SW tank on starboard side
  • Minor repairs to hull and rudder/copper coat
  • Installation of 220V socket
  • New LED navigation lights and electrical repairs
  • Exhaust repairs
  • Engine maintenance


  • Forestay too short, resulting in no mast tilt aft as intended by designer, consequently repeated breakage of mast foot joint of rotating mast.
  • Inadequate, improper s sealing of the rudder fittings, resulting in water in the ship.
  • No overview of the electrics


Behrens Schiffs- und Schweißtechnik GmbH

Köhlfleet-Hauptdeich 5
21129 Hamburg / Germany
+++ Metalwork in aluminium and stainless steel
+++ Creative special solutions
+++ Fast, friendly execution
+++ Good motor service


  • Antenna carrier not stable enough, was later dismantled and the antennas moved into the mast.
  • Broken fittings for the alternators/replacement and rework necessary
  • Gangway bracket too low, was raised later
  • Stainless steel welds not polished, rusting / had to be repolished

Work in May 2020:

  • Hinged aluminium solar panel holder for 4x Phaesun modules (Targa)
  • Div. antenna holders at the rear
  • Steel mounts for larger Mastervolt alternators
  • Stern masts as support for wind power and radar system
  • Adapt gangway and gangway mounts at the stern

Work in spring 2019 and 2021:

  • Jacking up for self-painting of hulls and coppercoat
  • Parking spaces for do-it-yourselfers and external craftsmen
  • Secure winter storage (fence/access code)
  • Reinforce rudder fittings and renew axles in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel cap for jib boom tip with eyelets
  • Anchor fittings main anchor and secondary anchor in polished stainless steel with custom Teflon rollers
  • Extension and optimisation of solar holder / stern in aluminium
  • Optimisation of the mounts for shortwave antenna and Windex
  • Refurbishing of the two gori propellers (afterwards like new)
  • Increase of gangway mountings in Teflon
  • Motorbike transport cradle in aluminium


  • Chaotic crane work due to external operation (Docapesca).
  • TIP: Do not crane at low water or crosswind!
  • Language problem, they speak little English
  • No time management, needs project management on site