Energy production and consumption on board

Electricity production

8 solar panels from Pheasun 110Wp
2 solar panels from Pheasun 120Wp
2 solar panels from Solara 80Wp
1 wind generator Superwind 350Wp
2 alternators on the motors 150A /24V

Energy consumption

So, in purely mathematical terms, approx. 1450 watts of power are fed into the 14 KW / 24 V batteries from renewable energies. With economical consumption (without hot water boiler, hair dryer, toaster and coffee machine), this is enough for the ship’s power requirements when underway, i.e. for:

Navigation electronics, navigation lights, 12V and 24V interior and exterior lighting/headlights, water pump, electric toilet, as well as operating and charging the computers, iPhones and iPads.
The 14kW LiPO batteries can be fully charged again in 90 minutes with the help of the motors and their alternators.

I managed all this with the help of our long-time energy and electronics consultant Rene Dommenget from www.ddhandel.de.  We chose Mastervolt on his advice because with him we had competent, globally accessible help (also online) in the background. Several other experts failed beforehand or advised me against my ideas.