Subtle Energies

Explore and control subtle energies with energy coaching and super vision

Energy determines our lives

  • Subtle, subtle energy can be mapped
  • Energy pathways, fields and bodies have been interpreted and used for thousands of years.
  • Control energies in the body
  • Improve living environments with subtle energy (architecture, homes, gardens)

Use of the energy signature in four steps

  • Mapping the evolved personal energy signature
  • Reaction of the individual energy signature to stress, rest, contact and disturbance
  • Comparison of the visible with personal experiences from other development processes
  • Mapping the results and hypothesising opportunities for change

Quick and easy success with energy work:

  • Fresh energy for a new path
  • Dissolving blockages, pain and unnecessary patterns
  • Saying goodbye to energy guzzlers
  • Openness for happy being

What it costs and what guarantees there are:

The energy signature can be created as part of a coaching session or separately. Immediate relief and a new attitude are guaranteed.

For lasting change, we recommend individually tailored support that ensures lasting implementation. The costs are also based on this.

Uralte Weide am Elbstrand, Blankenese
Ancient willow at the Elbe river

Energy site ancient willow - Strandweg / Elbe in Hamburg-Blankenese​

The old willow on Strandweg, Blankenese was pruned in autumn to protect it from the storms. The energy signature of the tree already shows the idea of the new branches that will then sprout in spring.

Alte beschnittene Weide am Elbstrand mit Energiestrahlen für neuen Astwuchs
Old pruned willow on the Elbe beach with energy beams for new branch growth
Alte beschnittene Weide am Elbstrand mit neuen Astwuchs im Frühjahr
Old pruned willow on the Elbe beach with new branch growth in spring