Autumn 2020: Sailing from Hamburg to Portimão

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Looking back in the rising sun on the Elbe

Report and some pictures from the cruise from Hamburg to Portugal

19.09.2020 Depart Wedel early in the morning – sailing down the Elbe with the tide; Helgoland across in the evening.
20.09.2020 Along the East Frisian Islands to the south-west across the North Sea
22.09.2020 Eastbourne in the afternoon
26.09.2020 departure to Falmouth high on the wind: 4m waves/ wind 25 kn, breakers coming over
27.09.2020 Arrival in Falmouth in the evening, wait for storm and rainy days, explore Falmouth
09.10.2020 Cast off from Falmouth, course for La Coruña across the Bay of Biscay, high on the wind, high 6m waves.
12.10.2020 After three days across the Bay of Biscay, land in sight: Spanish coast, poor visibility/spray, fog.
13.10.2020 Passing Vigo and Porto to the south, in the evening Aveiro across.
14.10.2020 At night through the Berlengas, during the day past Lisbon,
15.10.2020 Early morning past Cabo San Vincente and Sagres, sunrise, 9.30h moor at Portimão