Tell me how you learn: As far as the horizon

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Interview zum Thema Lernen

"Before I go to sleep, I make a mental note of what I have to learn in my dream!"

#Tellmehowyoulearn: As far as the horizon – Because learning never stops!

In spring 2021, journalist Ulrike Reinhard interviewed Bernhard Pelzer on his catamaran in the Algarve in Portugal on the subject of learning for the TMHYL tellmehowyoulearn video series. Pelzer is a process designer, trainer and supervisor and accompanies his clients as a pilot in difficult waters on the way to the horizon.

Learning, sailing and the sea inevitably belong together for him, and the philosophy of sailing is accordingly reflected in his work as a management consultant.

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Alert and relaxed at the same time

As founder and managing partner of Pelzer AP and developer of the Ocean Action Learning method, Bernhard Pelzer supports large and small management teams on board Sailtraining ships in transformation processes, because the challenges on board are surprisingly easy to transfer to everyday business life.

On board a ship, decisions are constantly being made and at sea the principle applies: three wrong decisions in a row lead to life-threatening situations. So it is important to know exactly the respective decision points, actions and consequences and at the same time to remain alert and relaxed – on board and at work.

For Bernhard Pelzer, the desired place of learning in the future is a place where he can look out to sea. But he would most like to learn from dolphins how they develop strategies in large groups – especially since they can be in contact with three times more conspecifics than humans.
Together with his partner, the passionate sailor wants to spend the next four and a half years on the world’s oceans and gather new learning experiences. So when it comes to learning, there is no end in sight for him – as far as the horizon at sea!